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Reversal Master Indicator

Reversal Master

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Reversal Master is a unique quality product for successful trading. The Reversal Master analyzes multiple factors to determine trend reversal points, because only complex analysis can give a more accurate picture of the market. The indicator analyzes Price Action, volumes and the average range of the symbol movement, as well as support and resistance levels. The indicator can be used as a separate or as an auxiliary tool to improve a trading system.

Features of the Reversal Master Indicator

  • Automatically determines trend reversal points;
  • This is a universal indicator which can be used for trading forex, indices, commodities and binary options;
  • Works on any timeframe;
  • It generates a signal when a new trend reversal point is found;
  • These points can be used for scalping and intraday strategies, as well as for long-term trading;
  • The indicator can be used for determining entry and exit points;
  • The indicator is suitable for professional and novice traders;
  • Has additional filters for market noise;
  • The indicator is non-redrawable: a signal is generated at a bar closure, does not disappear, is never recalculated;
  • Can be used for EA development.

Indicator Parameters

  • Sensitivity – sensitivity of the indicator. The higher the value of this parameter is, the better it filters out the market noise, but less signals are generated. With lower values more signals are produced, but there will be more false signals. For M5, I prefer using Sensitivity = 7,and for H1 Sensitivity = 24.
  • Bars2Check – the number of bars for calculations. If 0, calculations use all the available history. For slower computers set 5000 or fewer bars.
  • SoundAlertForArrows – activation of a sound alert.
  • SoundName – WAV sound to play for an alert. Must be saved in folder /Terminal/Sounds…
  • PopupAlertForArrows – a popup notification.

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