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Privacy Policy

The given Privacy Policy is valid regarding alex-minkoff.com site.

Any personal information provided by you is treated as confidential and used exclusively within the alex-minkoff.com site, and is not given to any third parties except for the cases provided by the law. Statistical systems of a site can collect data about which pages you visited, how you found this site, how often you visit it, etc. This information is used for improving the contents of the site, and can also be used for contacting you with the purpose of providing potentially useful to you information.

Right to choose
If you do not wish to receive any information from alex-minkoff.com site anymore, you may, at any moment, choose to refuse receiving it.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s computer for registering visited site. We use cookie-files on this site. We relate information stored in cookie-files with all the private confidential information provided by you when visiting our site.

We use both sessional ID cookie-files and constant cookie-files. Sessional ID a cookie-files do not expire after closing a window of the browser. A constant cookie-file is stored on a hard drive during a certain period of time. You can remove constant cookie-files following the instructions of a “help” file of your browser.

We use constant cookie-files in statistical purposes. Constant cookie-files allow us to find out a geographical position and interests of our users, as well as improve the work of our site.

If you refuse cookie-files, you will still have access to our site.

Some of our business partners also use cookie-files on our site. We have no access or control over these cookie-files.

Safety and protection of your Personal information
Protection of the Personal information is an important task. Personal information is stored on protected servers, access to which is granted only to authorized persons who have a password and an ID token.

Access to Personal information
In case of a change of your Personal information you should notify us on it having contacted our support service by e-mail. See our Contacts page.

Information on restrictions
We reserve to ourselves the right to open your personal confidential information in cases when it is demanded by the law and also in cases when we consider it necessary for protecting our rights in a legal process, judicial inquiry or opening of action of proceeding concerning our site. We don’t bear responsibility for misuse or loss of personal information caused by the use files our site’s cookies, to which we have no access and control. We don’t bear responsibility for illegal or not authorized use of your personal information caused by your loosing the passwords whether because of carelessness or ill-intentionally.

Changes to Confidentiality policy
In case a decision regarding a change in confidentiality policy is made, all the changes will be published on this page, as well as in other places that will be considered to be the most suitable ones. Thus, you will be informed on what information we collect, how the collected information is used, and also in what cases the collected information can be disclosed.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Confidentiality policy at any time, therefore we ask you to look through the given page frequently. If essential changes are made to the Confidentiality policy, you will be notified on them here, via e-mail, or via a corresponding notification on our main page

Last update: October 1, 2016

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