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Information for right holders

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We follow the main rules of copyright. The data is taken only in purpose of free distribution through the Internet.

Pay attention to the information that we assemble these programs to distribute them free through the Internet. They are only for reference purposes. The rights to them belong exclusively to their authors. The administration of alex-minkoff.com is not responsible for the use of the mentioned programs. If one is a developer of the represented software, he can inform the administration as soon as possible using the form of letter or e-mail (the correct form is given below). It is important to take these steps if one believes that downloaded programs concern his interests.

But first it’s better to be confident that there are no similar materials in other resources which impair the rights of an owner.  If there are such materials in the web, it is important to delete them first. Then you should send your complain to the administration of our web-site.

If you won’t follow this instruction we will consider your complain to be a violation against the rights of the site. So your action can be considered as unlawful.

Our Contacts

We will study your complain within 10 working days. You should wait for an answer, which will come on your e-mail. In the letter we will describe you the actions that we have made to investigate the violation against your rights.

If you send requests to remove data which are unlawful they will be sent back to you because our services don’t have such information.

Please specify the following details in the letter:

1.     The information concerning the product:

1.1.        Its name (both in original and Latin version).

1.2.        The address of the product’s official page in the web if possible.

1.3.        Product’s number which must be assigned. The international registry number is also required.

1.4.        A copy of the state and the international registration if required.

2.     The information about the person who makes the request.

2.1.        His/her name.

2.2.        Rank.

2.3.        The number of the telephone.

2.4.        E-mail address.

2.5.        A copy of a power of attorney to act on behalf of the Right holder. This document is not required to add if the person who makes the request is the chapter of a firm, which is the rights owner.

3.     The information about the request.

3.1.        The addresses of pages in the Internet that contain references to the materials, which violate the copyrights.

3.2.         Complete description of the nature of rights violations (why do you think the distribution of these materials is prohibited).

4.     Reference on the legality of actions. Mention that this information should be written by hand. You should send it by scan.

These requirements are requisite for each request.

Consider the form below.

I, “…..”, acting on behalf of “….” by proxy “….” indicate that the data given in this appeal are true; “…” (Right holder) holds the upmarket property rights which include:

– an upmarket right of distribution;

– an upmarket right to bring to public notice;

All aspects concerned to the payment of remuneration to authors are settled by the Right holder. At the same time, the owner of the rights is not aware of claims of other interested parties in respect of these rights.

If any possible claims of other parties against the site occur (they can be concerned to the violation of the rights and consider the purpose to disable any links) the Right holder has to take all required measures to conclude the claims and any possible disputes.

It is an obligation of the right holder to resolve complains and demands of other parties. He also should identify all damages he has made to alex-minkoff.com.

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