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New and best forex indicators for successful and profitable trading. You can download the indicators for free. Here you will find the trading and assisting Forex indicators that make trading more convenient and easier. But do not forget that in order to create your own trading system, you will need to combine their info, and not to rely on one indicator, even if it is very accurate and shows excellent results. I hope you will like my choice of technical Forex indicators.

AOTI - Indicator features overview

AOTI: Indicator features overview

The main purpose of the All-in-One Trade Indicator (AOTI) is determining the daily levels for EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP. All other modules work on any instruments. What modules are as a part of the indicator and what they show? Today in the first part of a cycle of articles about the AOTI indicator, we learn the answers to these questions.

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Ozymandias suppression market noise

Indicator Ozymandias: suppression of market noise

Open deals at the market at precisely the moment when the prices will go in the right direction – a talent and a great art. Not all traders, even among the most successful, can achieve such a result. How to determine the probability of a price reversal? You can use Ozymandias indicator created to filter the market noise.

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MACD divergence indicator

Automatic MACD Divergence Indicator – free download

Divergence is one of the most reliable classic technical signals. Over the years, by simply using divergence, traders have successfully been making profit on the financial markets, without reinventing the wheel. But MACD Divergence Indicator can automatically help you to indicate divergence on the graph and save your time and effort.

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