AOTI overview settings description

AOTI Overview and Settings Description

The All-in-One Trade (AOTI) indicator is designed to simplify the analysis of the market, and it is based on several trading strategies. In this article, we’ll look at the features and settings of the indicator.

Product Name: All-in-One Trade (AOTI)

Description: The main purpose of the All-in-One Trade Indicator (AOTI) is determining the daily targets for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, and USD/JPY. All other modules work on any instruments. The indicator includes many features: dual-channel trend direction, price channel, MA bands, Fibo calculation, etc. The indicator is designed to simplify the analysis of the market, and it is based on several trading strategies.

Currency Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP/ EUR/JPY, and USD/JPY for the daily levels detection. Any for other features.

Timeframe: Any, recommended M5

Product URL:

Actual Version: v4.1

Trading platform: Metatrader4

Read More About: All-in-One Trade Indicator (AOTI)

Recommended brokers: Alpari, AMarkets, Roboforex

Control Panel of the AOTI Indicator

Control Panel AOTI

Recommended Info About the Indicator:

GMT Offset Logo

How to set correct GMT Offset

AOTI How Works

How It Works: All-in-One Trade Indicator

About AOTI Levels

About AOTI Levels and the Simplest Levels Strategy

What is the Open Level, TP Level, SL Level, and Today Max Levels?

About Simplest Level Strategy

The Today Max level is needed to quickly see how many pips left the price to reach the TP Level.

In our example: TP Level – Today Max = Delta

42.0 – 39.9 = 2.1 pips

After that, the price moves away from the level, and we decide whether we will transfer the profit level to this new level, or wait for the reached of TP Level.

If the SL Level is much higher than the TP Level, then the best way is to try to avoid opening a position. If you are an experienced trader then you can open position if additional signals are available.

MA Channel Angle

MA channel angle

All-in-One Trade (AOTI) Settings

GMT and Additional Levels Settings

GMT Settings

GMT Offset Auto Detection – automatic detection of GMT Offset. It may not work properly at the weekend because at this time there are no price quotes from the broker. If necessary, on the weekends you need to use manual GMT Offset settings.

Manual GMT Offset – manual GMT Offset settings, if GMT Offset Auto Detection is false.

Manual GMT

Show Additional Levels – Enable/Disable additional levels (First TP / Max TP levels).

Linear Regression Channels Settings

Linear Regression Channel Settings

Show Long Regression Channel – Enable/Disable Long Regression Channel.

Long Regression Channel Color, LongRegChannelWidth, LongRegChanSBar – settings of the Long Regression Channel.

Show Short Regression Channel – Enable/Disable Short Regression Channel.

Short Regression Channel Color, ShortRegChannelWidth, ShortRegChanSBar – settings of the Short Regression Channel.

For Example:Bitcoin linear channels

Be careful when you working with the channels of linear regression. Channels tend to follow the price, so it is important to use additional filters.

Price Channels Settings

Price Channels Settings

Show Price Channel – Enable/Disable the Price Channel.

PriceChannelPeriod – period of the Price Channel.

Price Channel Color, PriceChannelWidth – visual settings of the Price Channel.

For Example:

Price Channel

Auto Fibo Levels Settings

Auto Fibo Levels Settings

Show Fibonacci Levels – Enable/Disable Auto Fibonacci Levels.

FiboBarsCount – the number of bars for counting Fibo.

Fibonacci Levels Color – the color of the Fibonacci Levels.

Support / Resistance Micro-Levels and Arrows Colors

Arrow and levels colors

Starting from version 4.0 of the indicator, the colors of Arrows and Micro-Levels of the support/resistance are changed on the indicator colors tab.

For Example:

Support / Resistance Micro-Levels

MA Bands Settings

MA bands settings

Show MA Bands – Enable/Disable MA Bands Channel.

MA Bands Color-1, MA Bands Color-1 – the color of the MA Bands.

Candle Countdown Settings

Candle countdown settings

Show Candle Countdown – Enable/Disable the Candle Countdown.

Countdown Font Size, Countdown Color – size and color of the countdown.

Candle countdown

Alerts Settings

Alerts settings

Settings for the Arrow and Sup/Res Micro-Levels Alerts.

AOTI alert settings

Visual Settings

AOTI Visual Settings

Activate the Automatic Chart Color – automatic setup of template and color scheme.

Аctivate to Scale Levels – scale the screen so that all levels will be visible on the screen (also available via the Level Scale button in the control panel).

Scale Levels with MaxTP Level – scaling the levels, including (or without) Max TP level. You need to put this value on “false” if the price chart is too compressed by vertically.

Number of Bars for the Arrows Calculation – if your computer is not very powerful, you can limit the number of bars for calculation. This bars restriction will not affect the calculation of the daily levels.

Distance Between the Price and Arrow – the distance between the arrows and the price, in pips.

Panel Font Size – the size of the Info Panel font.

Buttons Sound On – Enable/Disable buttons click sound.

Today TP Level Color, Today TP Zone Color, Today SL Level Color, Today SL Zone Color, Today Breakeven Level Color, Today Breakeven Zone Color, Entry Level Color, Entry Level Zone Color – the colors of the Arrows and Daily Levels. Recommended to leave these values at default settings.

AOTI Buttons Description

AOTI buttons description

Info Panel and Buttons On-Screen On/Off

Panel activate buttons

Pnl – Click to Enable/Disable Info Panel

Btn – Click to Enable/Disable indicators Buttons

Extra Buttons Work

You can use the control buttons without opening the indicator settings!

Well, thank you for your attention. That’s it for today.

Product URL:

Actual Version: v4.1

Trading platform: Metatrader4

Read More About: All-in-One Trade Indicator (AOTI)

Recommended brokers: Alpari, AMarkets, Roboforex

Good Luck & Big Profits!

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