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All-in-One-Trade Indicator – Forex trading signals

Today I want to talk about the indicator All-in-One Trade. The indicator combines some different strategies and indicators. In the beginning I did it for myself, but then I showed it to my friends, and they offered to make it available for other traders.


Trading platform: Metatrader4

Currency pairs:

For levels detection: EUR/USD, GBP/USD (Additional pairs in the future)

For other features: Any pairs


For levels detection: M5

For other features: Any timeframe

Recommended brokers: Alpari, AMarkets, Roboforex

It was important for me to place in the code of a single indicator, as much as possible practical trading instruments. Therefore All-in-One Trade indicator include a full trading strategy. And not even one!

All-in-One Trade Indicator appearance

All-in-One Trade appearance

Comment field

1 – Account Info

2 – Current Day direction and Targets

3 – Realtime Quotes

4 – Moving Average (MA) channel Width and Angle


How does an All-in-One Trade indicator work

Current Day targets

Daily target levels of the Take Profit and Stop Loss is calculated from 00:00 to 2:00 of the terminal time.

To calculate the target levels for EUR/USD pair, indicator use the 3 charts of currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/JPY.

3 pairs

Important notice! These 3 pairs must be present in the “Market Watch” window , thus opening them optional.

Market watch

To calculate the target levels for GBP/USD pair, indicator use the 3 charts of currency pairs: GBP/USD, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP.

During the trading practice I have found certain patterns that help detect targets of a day. Determination of the levels requires tick data, volumes, price action and a spread values at the defined interval. Therefore, this option is only available in real time.

Important notice! Once the levels are calculated and displayed on a graph, they do not move and do not disappear!

2 pairs profit


Entry signals and support/resistance levels

Entry arrows and support line

Blue and Red arrows I use to find the possible entry points.

Blue and Red horizontal lines show to us a trend break. We may to take profit at this points. At example – support line.

Arrow settings

ArrowDelta – the distance from the price to arrow.

Bars2Check – the number of bars for the calculation. It is necessary for the weak computers.

Support / Resistance lines settings:

Support / Resistance lines settings


Linear Regression channels

Draws channel using linear regression of close prices. The All-in-One Trade indicator has the ability to use 2 channels of the linear regression.

Long - Short linear regression channels


Linear Regression channel settings

DrawLongLinearChannel, DrawShortLinearChannel – On/Off channels.

LongRegChanSBar – value for calculating the Long Channel.

ShortRegCjanSBar – value for calculating the short Channel.

LongRegChanColour, ShortRegChanColour – colours of the channels.

…Width – width of the channels.

Good for the trend detection and for double channel strategy.


Price channel

Indicator Price Channel – indicator, which allows the trader to react to the output price beyond channel. The channel is built based on the analysis of several candles, starting from the latter.

Price channel


Price Channel settings


Auto Fibonacci levels

The Fibonacci sequence is very well combined with the levels of asset price correction in the markets after the growth, and can also predict the possible price movement after correction.

Fibonacci Levels


Fibonacci levels settings


MA Bands – detect the end of a trend

MA Bands – Detection of the trend direction and ending of the trend.

MA Channel Width – width of the MA Bands.

MA Channel Angle – angle of the MA Bands.

MA Bands - low angle

When the Angle becomes green we may take a profit:

MA Bands - exit angle

Check on MQL5

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